Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a combination of art, style, science and professionalism to create your unique image

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How we create smiles for our patients

• veneers
• teeth whitening
• metal-free crowns
• restoration using photopolymer materials

  • Zirconium crowns
  • Veneers
  • Gum contour correction
  • The pride of the clinic today are crowns made of zirconium dioxide, which are absolutely no different from your own teeth. They are very successful due to their excellent qualities:

    • zirconium teeth have high strength and reliability;
    • natural color of the material and its composition, which transmits light, so that the teeth do not differ from their own; • ideal biocompatibility;
    • zirconium crowns accurately reproduce the contours of the anatomy of the teeth thanks to computer simulation technology (CAD / CAM);
    • high accuracy of execution due to the method of computer milling;
    • durability - zirconium crowns can last fifteen to twenty years.

    Of course, this is very individual and depends on many factors: hygienic care, bite, the condition of the bone tissue of the jaw and gums

  • Veneers are thin 0.3-0.4 mm overlays on the front of the tooth. They are fixed on the teeth, hide the visual defects of the teeth and make your smile perfectly attractive thanks to a special material. There are a number of cases in the dentist may advise the installation of veneers:

    • damage to the shape of the tooth;
    • enamel pigmentation;
    • increased gaps between adjacent teeth – tremes and diastemas;
    • restoring the aesthetic of a smile.

    The cost of treatment

  • Is a minor surgical procedure to change the position of the gum tissue to give the gum lines around the teeth a more correct shape and improve its appearance

    The cost of treatment

    • Laser gum line corrections (1 tooth)

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