Pediatric dentistry

We offer a range of services adapted for small patients. Our doctors carry out the prevention and treatment of dental caries, the procedure of sealing fissures and correcting the bite without pain or tears

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Prevention of dental diseases in childhood allows to preserve the health of teeth throughout life

Oral healnh is vital at any age. A pediatric dentist performs useful procedures that are absolutely painless and carried out in comfortable conditions for the treatment and prevention of dental deseases at an early age.

  • Treatment of baby tooth decay
  • Sealing of fissures
  • The procedure of professional dental hygiene for children
  • Fluoridation of teeth
  • It is carried out in a non-invasive way using the ICON system. There is no need for anesthesia, perforation, the procedure is completely comfortable and painless. Application and infiltration anesthesia, modern sealing materials are used in the treatment of moderate and deep decay.

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  • Prevents the initial form of caries due to the "pouring" by means of special sealants in hard-to-reach dental surfaces. The procedure is most effective for children and primary school students

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  • Includes brushing teeth with rubber bands with special pastes, hand tools, as well as training and selection of tools for individual oral hygiene. A professional Air-Flow cleaning system is used for children over 10 years ages.

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    • Professional Teeth Cleaning

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      1000 UAH
  • Strengthens enamel and hard tooth tissue. The service is performed using dental fluorine-containing varnishes

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