Sleep dentistry

At the Denta Vi clinic, anesthesia is performed for both adults and young patients. We use only certified and safe medicines. Sedation is performed under the close supervision of anesthesiologists.

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Sleep Dentistry is an ideal option that relieves emotional stress and fear of manipulation

The doctor uses sedatives, so the patient is immersed in medication sleep. Dental treatment with this method is used for time consuming  procedures, when you need maximum rest from the patient. Light sedation with “laughing-gas”  soothes and relaxes, eliminates feelings of fear, reduces discomfort during anesthesia and enhances its effect. The patient is conscious, contacts the doctor and answers his questions during treatment. The gas we use  is safe for the respiratory tract, does not cause any irritation and is quickly excreted from the body.

Indications for use:

1. A person has a panic fear of the doctor, based on previous negative experiences.

2. Young patients, in most cases are restless. This greatly complicates the treatment process. 

3. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment - the patient has to stay in a dental chair for a long time. 

4. It is necessary to remove a wisdom tooth. 

5. The patient experiences severe discomfort during dental procedures. 

6.There is an increased vomiting reflex.

Advantages of these methods:

  • This is one of the most effective and safe methods of anethesia
  • It can be used to treat patients without age restrictions
  • Dental treatment in medication sleep avoids stress and anxiety


  • NOOS inhalation analgesia (nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation)

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    1980 UAH (1h)
  • IV sedation under the anasthesiologist’s supervision

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    3000 UAH (1h)