Modern dentistry is impossible without radiography, which allows you to look into those areas of the patient's oral cavity that were previously inaccessible to the eye

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The following list of X-ray examinations are offered in our clinic:

  • Orthopantomogram
  • Digital Teleroentgenography
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • CT of the paranasal sinuses
  • CT of the skull (150x140 mm)
  • Radiography of the hand
  • The panoramic dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw. The method you to get a general picture of the condition of the teeth, dental canals and bone tissue in general. Examination of the temporomandibular joints determines the bone structures of the joints

  • The X-ray examination of the skull that is necessary for orthodontic treatment. This allows a detailed examination of the occlusion anomaly and is performed in two projections.

  • The most informative diagnostic method and is a three-dimensional (3D) image that allows to examine the tooth and the tissue around it. The doctor gets the opportunity to assess the condition of the hard tissues of the jaw and identify anatomical features and abnormalities in the structure of the roots and root canals. In the course of diagnostics the anatomical structures of the temporomandibular joint are studied with the help of computed tomography.

  • A study that is often prescribed by otolaryngologists and is an indispensable method in diagnosing pathology of all sinuses and adjacent structures.

  • One of the best diagnostic methods that can detect pathological changes in bone tissue and their integrity, the presence of various pathological processes and subtle structural features. Accuracy and resolution of computed tomography allows you to simultaneously examine both jaws, both joints, neck, airway and sinuses.

  • A method of diagnosing the condition of bones, injuries, pathologies, the condition of the joints in the hand of a person. This method of X-ray diagnostics is used for dislocations, fractures, suspected cracks and other injuries.