About us

History of the clinic

Denta Vi Clinic is one of the most modern and innovative dental clinics in the region

We have over 20 years of successful experience in dentistry, thousands of patients, hundreds of advanced certificates, our own signature look and philosophy

Therefore, we have successfully implemented a new principle of patient management: when each aspect of dental treatment is dealt with by our best specialists, and the overall treatment plan is agreed only after the conclusions of several doctors. Thanks to modern equipment and impeccable diagnostics, treatment of varying degrees of complexity has become easy.

Founder of the clinic Honored Doctor of Ukraine, surgeon, orthopedist Ivan Prots

Thanks to his work, the dental office has become a modern clinic with highly qualified doctors and with its own dental laboratory, the cutting-edge equipment, so it implements the best practices of European medicine

Our credo

Advanced technology and skills made by time

DentaVi Clinic is equipped with a dental laboratory, which allows doctors to conduct effective and high quality treatment, to turn aesthetic dentistry into a real art

Safety of treatment

Safety - is the most important principle treatment of patients in our clinic

We always pay attention to the use of the most effective technologies that guarantee sterility. The sterilization unit is equipped with the latest German and Swiss Melag and Miele equipment, as well as a disinfection and sterilization control system, autonomous system of water purification. Medical devices and installations in the clinic do not come into contact with tap water.

We adhere to the sterilization protocols implemented in the European Union. All the instruments are single used or sterilized after each use. Sterile package is opened in the presence of the patient immediately before treatment. This means that infection of the patient is impossible in our clinic.