Installation of dental implants is the most rational method of replacing a missing tooth. This is an alternative to prosthetics (sawing) of neighboring healthy teeth under the crown in case of loss of one or more teeth

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Installation of dental implants is the most rational method of replacement of a missing tooth

The implant is placed in place of the missing tooth root. It is made of titanium alloy, biocompatible with body cells, so it easily takes root in bone tissue. An orthopedic structure (crown, prosthetic structure) is installed on it after engraftment of the implant.
Bone augmentation is performed, if there is not enough bone tissue in the implantation site. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Patients may be offered sedation (accompanied by an anesthesiologist), if it's necessary. 

Clear instructions and recommendations for postoperative care (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, topical rinses) are provided after implantation.

Implantation has many advantages over other treatments:

It helps to keep healthy teeth nearby. 

Prosthetic structure is better fixed on implant.

To install UNREMOVABLE prosthetic structures, which significantly improve the quality of life, on completely toothless jaws is possible. 

Leading implant systems from world leaders are used in Denta Vi Dental Clinic. 

  • Implant К3 pro (Germany )

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    13 500 UAH
  • Implant Straumann Titan (Switzerland)

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    21 000 UAH
  • Implant Straumann Roxolid (Switzerland)

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    24 000 UAH
  • Implant Straumann Active (Switzerland)

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    26 000 UAH
  • Implant Osstem (South Korea)

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    10 000 UAH
  • Temporary microimplant

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    3900 UAH