Our technology

Modern technologies and clinical experience - are the foundations of our clinic. Thanks to the use of modern technical equipment, our specialists have the opportunity to fully apply their skills and knowledge


The best image quality with the minimal dose of radiation. The VERAVIEW X800 dental X-ray transmits every detail with absolutely clear resolution. The ultra-class device provides perfect diagnostics.

Epic diode laser has gained popularity due to high accuracy and sterility combined with minimal pain

Advantages of using a diode laser: 

• Painless. It allows to refuse anesthesia in most cases.
• Bloodless. The laser beam seals the blood vessels at the point of impact, allowing to get a virtually bloodless incision. 
• Maximum dissection accuracy. The use of the laser allows you to carry out careful surface treatment without removing excess tissue. 
• Biostimulating effect. A laser wound heals a few days faster than a cut one. 
• Comfort for the patient. Significant reduction in the duration of surgery and postoperative discomfort. 

3 Shape - is an innovative, unique digital impression product that solves many issues by providing high-precision oral scanning

We scan the patient's teeth, and immediately get a digital 3D model of the teeth online. The advantages of this method of impression  are, above all, convenience and comfort for the patient. The scanner allows to achieve the maximum accuracy in orthopedics. The digital prints obtained by the scanner in the form of an electronic file are immediately sent to our own dental laboratory, where with the help of various hardware and software complexes, after processing the file by a technician, ready crowns, veneers and other dentures are automatically printed or milled from special blocks. Therefore, the production of dentures is fast and incredibly accurate. 

LEICA and Kaps Optic dental microscopes (Germany)

are one of the best devices available nowadays. It is quite difficult to qualitatively treat what you do not see. That is why the microscope is the most important component of our treatment, both in microsurgical operations and in the treatment of caries.

Advantages of using a microscope in dentistry: 

  • diagnosis of the disease at the initial stage;  
  • improving the accuracy of treatment; 
  • improving the quality of restorations (even micro cracks can be seen under a microscope); 
  • high-quality visualization of the root canal system.

CAD / CAM - the full cycle of making crowns, veneers, inlays, etc has moved from manual to computer mode.

You will see that this is:

• More precisely. You can enlarge any area and control the accuracy of the fit on the computer. 
• Faster. Dental impressions  are sent directly from the scanner in the office to the laboratory, without couriers, intermediaries and time spent waiting for the cast of the plaster model. 
• Stronger. Milled block constructions are ten times stronger than layer-by-layer baking of ceramics. 
• More aesthetic. Ceramic structures do not have a metal frame, so no dark opaque teeth. 
• Biocompatible. Zircon is the most biocompatible material. When modeling the correct shape of the subgingival part - the crowns on the implants will serve a lifetime.
• Individual. We combine photos of the patient with his teeth with the simulation program of the shape of the veneers  and crowns. The future shape of the teeth is adjusted to the line of the smile, the shape of the head and the personal patient's wishes. 

T-scan is a system for digital registration and digital occlusion analysis

It allows to avoid problems with the temporomandibular joint, to determine the nuances of the patient's bite with an accuracy of 1 micron. Violation of occlusal contacts leads to overuse of the teeth, resulting in traumatic occlusion, which causes a number of violations:

• Headaches
• Pathological abrasion of teeth 
• Tooth enamel cracks
• Implant rejection 
• Unstable teeth
• Premature tooth loss 
• Pain in the temporomandibular joint


The Fläsh whitening lamp is an innovative high-efficiency LED technology with a focused intense spectrum of light, which makes it possible to choose the lamp mode depending on the type of whitening and the sensitivity of your teeth.

Piezotome is an ultrasound surgery , that offers non-traumatic, yet extremely effective and accurate procedures.

Additional benefits include rapid healing with much less swelling, pain and complications.